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The Ontario Mine Contractors Safety Association.

Safety Innovations


The OMCSA has been meeting an average of four times per year since the 1960s. Committed to sharing of ideas and experiences, always with the intention of improving workplace health and safety of member workers, the safe work association undertook a new dimension of activities in recent years, culminating in the announcement of a new type of safety award in December, 2003.

It is intended, among other things, to signal the OMCSA’s determination to become more pro-active by looking at an achievement-based award. It is taken for granted that innovations are by nature proactive and achievement oriented.

Following a hectic year of presentations, workshops and general brainstorming in 2003, the organization undertook to make 2004 YEAR 1 for the OMCSA WORKER SAFETY INNOVATION AWARD.  Since then over 13 awards have been given to member firms for their accomplishments in innovation.

Past Award Recipients


2016 – The Redpath Group – SAFE STOP Anti-door jam unit

2015 – The Redpath Group – Agitator Sonar Discharge System

2014 – Dumas Contracting Ltd.  – ANFO Tractor Platform

2013 – The Redpath Group

2012 – Dumas Contracting Ltd.

2011 – Dumas Contracting Ltd.

2010 – J.S. Redpath Limited

2009 – Dumas Contracting Ltd.

2008 – J.S. Redpath Limited

2007 – Cementation

2006 – Cementation

2005 – Ross Finlay

2004 – Ross Finlay

Leadership Awards

New in 2017, the award for Outstanding Safety Leadership was initiated.  This award is designed to recognize outstanding safety leaders working in any department but HSE.  Association Members may nominate one employee within their organization who has demonstrated outstanding safety leadership for the year.  Nominees will be recognized at the December OMCSA General Meeting.  Nominations must be submitted to the OMCSA Board of Directors by November 1st.

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